How Long Does Botox Last For Crow’s Feet in Northern Virginia?

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Have you recently noticed little lines outside your eyes when you smile? Were you shocked to see them in your last selfie? Those are crow’s feet, and if you’re not a fan you’re not alone. You know Botox can help and that it’s safe. You also know it has proven results. But, do you know the answer to the question, “How long does Botox last for crow’s feet in North Virginia?”

How Exactly Does Botox Work?

Millions of men and women choose Botox to treat crow’s feet. It’s the go-to anti-wrinkle injection for almost everyone! Botox is the brand name of a designer neurotoxin. When injected into specific facial muscles, nerve signals are blocked, and the targeted muscles stop contracting.

This causes your skin to relax and fine lines/wrinkles to smooth out. In the case of crow’s feet, Botox is injected into the muscles around your eyes.

Is Botox for Crow’s Feet Painful?

There are patients that say the injections feel like a pinch. There are others that feel nothing at all. Pain is subjective, and not everyone has the same experience.

Because crow’s feet are located in such a small area, your injections will be quick. If discomfort is a concern, you’re encouraged to speak to your provider before your injections about a topical anesthetic.

How Quickly Will I See Botox Results?

You can expect to see your Botox results in three to four days. Initially, you may see some redness and bruising, but there’s no cause for concern. These side effects are temporary and go away rather quickly on their own.

So, How Long Does Botox Last for Crow’s Feet in North Virginia?

Your results should last around three to four months. If this is your first time with Botox injections, they may last less time. Because Botox for crow’s feet is temporary, you should speak to your provider about further treatment when your results start to fade.

What Is the Best Way to Find Out if I’m a Good Candidate for Botox for Crow’s Feet?

The only way to find out if this treatment is right for you is to have a consultation with a skilled and experienced injector. The best candidate for Botox for crow’s feet is one who is healthy, doesn’t currently smoke, is over the age of 18 years old, and has the desire to erase fine lines around the eyes.

How Do I Find the Best Botox Injector Near Me?

It’s important you do some research before choosing a Botox provider. This is a prescription that legally can only be administered by a licensed medical professional. Verify the provider’s credentials before receiving treatment.

If you’re not sure where to begin your search, start by asking people you trust. Your primary care physician might have great suggestions too.

Take a moment to read online reviews. You’ll be surprised by what you can learn from the experiences of other Botox patients.

Of course, as mentioned you’ll want to schedule a consultation. Ideally, your Botox provider is one with whom you can build rapport, as it’s nice to have a skilled provider you can trust and count on for years to come. Choose one who makes you feel at ease.

How Much Does Botox for Crow’s Feet Cost?

Unlike dermal fillers that are sold by the syringe, Botox is often sold by the unit, though some injectors may set a flat rate per area. Typically, Botox costs between $10 to $25 per unit. 

Botox for crow’s feet treatments can cost between $250 to $1,500, depending on a number of factors such as your current aesthetic, desired look, geographical location, and skill of your injector.

Here is a general guide to costs for other popular areas you may want to have treated at the same time:

  • Brow: $100 to $4,000
  • Forehead: $250 to $1,500
  • Glabellar/ frown lines: $200 to $1,500
  • Jawline: $500 to $1,500
  • Nose: $100 to $1,500

Does Insurance Cover Botox?

Botox for crow’s feet is considered a cosmetic treatment, so it’s not likely your insurance provider will pay for any treatment as it’s not medically necessary.

Do You Want the Best Botox Results? If So, Follow These Tips!

These steps help optimize your outcome after any type of cosmetic injection:

  • Always follow all pre-injection and post-treatment instructions provided by your injector. 
  • Take care of your skin with the right products. If you’re not sure which skincare products to use, speak to your Botox injector for suggestions.
  • Wear high-quality sunscreen with a high SPF while outdoors.
  • Be mindful of how you take care of yourself. What you eat doesn’t just affect you on the inside but it makes a difference on the outside too. Eat a healthy diet, and be sure to incorporate foods that boost skin health.
  • Stay hydrated and enjoy a regular exercise routine.
  • Perhaps the most important tip is to find a highly qualified Botox injector.

Bottom Line: Turn to Dontage for Amazing Results From Botox and Other Aesthetic Treatments!

Finding the right skincare specialist not only means you’re getting the highest quality care, but it means achieving the outstanding results you deserve. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Dontage.

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