Elite Laser

Elite Laser

Elite Laser in Falls Church

Unwanted body hair. Dark spots. Spider veins. Aging skin. There really isn’t much that the Elite Laser can’t treat! If you want to rejuvenate and ditch the razors permanently, the Elite+ laser is your top choice when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Why Choose Elite+ Laser?

You can finally say goodbye to skin imperfections and achieve flawless skin with this revolutionary laser! The Elite+ advanced dual-wavelength laser device works on all skin types for long-term, proven results. As a high-intensity laser treatment, it allows for shorter appointment times compared to other lasers for air removal, pigmented lesions, veins, and skin tightening.

What Does a Treatment With the Elite+ Laser Feel Like?

Modern lasers are designed to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, and a numbing cream can be used during treatment. You may feel sensations similar to the snap of a rubber band on your skin or warm heat. Any discomfort you may feel is temporary. You can apply ice to areas that feel sensitive after treatment.

When Will I See Elite+ Laser Results?

Most people see results within two to three sessions. To achieve optimal results, we recommend up to six sessions. Your laser specialist will determine how many sessions you need during a consultation.

Am I a Good Candidate for Elite+ Laser?

Because the Elite+ laser works on all skin tones, it is suitable for those with light to dark skin. If you are an adult unsatisfied with your appearance due to premature aging, skin spots, unwanted body hair, and / or unsightly spider veins, you may be an ideal candidate for Elite+. The best way to determine whether Elite+ laser is right for you is to book a consultation with a cosmetic laser specialist.

Want to find out if you’re a good candidate to revitalize your skin with the Elite+ laser? Contact us today at 703-436-1157. Let our skincare experts help you achieve your aesthetic goals with Elite+ or other cosmetic services, so you look your very best!