Botox Lip Flip

Botox Lip Flip

Botox Lip Flip in Fairfax

The Botox lip flip has been trending as a non-surgical, minimally invasive lip enhancement procedure for quite some time now, but what exactly is it and how can Botox be used to improve your smile? Lip flips are an in-office procedure that uses Botox injections to make your upper lip “flip” upward.

Botox is a popular cosmetic injectable that reduces muscle activity and relaxes your muscles by preventing the release of acetylcholine, a chemical that’s responsible for muscle contractions. This relaxation of the orbicularis oris muscle creates an effect that makes your lip look fuller.

Why Choose a Botox Lip Flip for Sensational Results?

Lip flips are a common alternative to lip fillers as the technique creates an illusion of plumper, juicier upper lip. A lip flip can also help to smooth wrinkles on or around the lips and cover your gums more when you smile.

A Botox lip flip produces more subtle, natural-looking results compared to lip fillers as well. It’s typically more affordable. Typically, a total of four to eight units of Botox, priced anywhere from $10 to $25, are used compared to lip filler, which usually uses one syringe and is priced around $500 for a single syringe.

What Do Botox Lip Injections Feel Like?

The entire injection process is quick, easy, and less painful than you’d expect.

The lips are a sensitive, vascular area, so you can expect to feel a quick pinch or sting when the needle enters. It’s typically very well tolerated, especially if your injector applies a numbing cream, which you can always request before treatment.

The entire appointment can be completed in an hour or less, with injections taking up only 10 to 15 minutes of this time. Lip flip injections are placed into the corners of your mouth and edges of your lips.

When Will I See Results From a Botox Lip Flip?

While Botox doesn’t produce results immediately, it’s still a fast-acting injectable. You should notice your lips looking fuller in just a few days after your appointment. It can take 10 to 14 days to see the full effects of your Botox lip flip injections.

Results last two to three months on average. It’s better to receive maintenance treatments before the effects completely wear off, so book your appointments accordingly.

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox Lip Enhancement?

Virtually anyone wanting to enhance their lips without lip fillers or other more invasive techniques can benefit from this technique. Suitable candidates for Botox injections of any kind are healthy adults with realistic goals and expectations.

It’s not advised to receive a Botox lip flip if you are pregnant or nursing, as not enough studies have been done to determine the effects of Botox on pregnant women or breast milk. Additionally, if you have a severe illness or infection, a nerve or muscle condition, or are allergic to botulinum toxin products, you should avoid a Botox lip flip.

Side effects are mild and temporary, though they can be exacerbated by certain medications and supplements, so be honest with your injector about your health history and current medications or supplements you take whether they are prescribed are purchased over the counter.

Where Is the Best Place to Get a Botox Lip Flip in Fairfax?

Do you want fuller, juicier lips but aren’t interested in lip fillers? Then a Botox lip flip may be the solution to your problems! Book a consultation by calling (703) 573-1524. Our certified master injector, Waseem Garbia, can’t wait to personalize your Botox lip flip treatment to help you achieve your perfect pucker!