What Is Facial Contouring?

What Is Facial Contouring?

You love the way you look but wish you could enhance some features and turn back the clock on others. Thankfully, dermal fillers can non-surgically rejuvenate and plump areas of your face.

So, what is facial contouring, and how can it help you refresh your look?

So, What is Facial Contouring?

Contouring includes changing the structural appearance of your face with dermal filler injections.

Dermal fillers like Juvéderm increase collagen production in the treated area, which allows cheeks to become lifted and your chin and jawline to become more prominent, improving your contour.

Tell Me How Dermal Fillers Work When Injected!

Facial fillers are often based with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is something your body makes naturally. HA is the reason your cheeks stay full and your skin stays tight.

However, it declines over time and you lose volume, changing the natural contour of your face. This is where dermal fillers come in.

Give Me the Scoop on What Else Is Available!

Add even more results to your facial contouring, by getting wrinkle-free skin with Botox injections. You can get rid of your double chin with cosmetic injections like Kybella.

It’s a non-invasive way to target the tough-to-treat areas under your chin and neck by dissolving your fat. You can also contour parts of your face and body with non-surgical cellulite treatments such as Qwo.

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial and Body Contouring?

If you’re unhappy with areas of your face or just want to experience dramatic anti-aging effects, then you’re most likely an ideal candidate for facial and body contouring. The only way to know which non-invasive contouring treatments are right for you is by scheduling an appointment with a specialist.

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