Qwo in Falls Church

Have you tried everything to get rid of cellulite? Exercise, massage, creams, and gadgets don’t work. It seems like an impossible situation, there is hope: Qwo! It’s a brand-new treatment that has proven results with cellulite on the buttocks.

Why Choose Qwo for Cellulite Reduction?

As a new FDA-approved injectable for cellulite, Qwo uses a cutting-edge process called enzymatic subcision and remodeling (ESR). ESR takes a special enzyme called collagenase and injects it into your cellulite. The enzyme then breaks down the collagen in your connective tissues, causing the bands to release fat and your body to produce new collagen. The results are beautiful, dimple-free skin.

QWO is for women who have moderate to severe cellulite on their buttocks, and it only takes three treatments to experience stunning results. Even better, results are clinically proven to last about 18 months. You just need to keep a great exercise routine and eat a healthy diet. With Qwo, the results are more predictable and successful than with other non-surgical cellulite treatments. There’s no downtime afterward, and no need to go under the knife. 

What Does Qwo Feel Like?

Qwo is designed with your comfort in mind, and the treatment is virtually painless. No anesthesia is even necessary for these cosmetic injections.

When Will I See Qwo Results?

As Qwo breaks down the collagen bands in your connective tissues, it does take time to see results. You’ll notice a change in your appearance within several weeks, and the results will continue to improve over ten weeks until maximum results are achieved.

Am I a Good Candidate for Qwo Cellulite Treatment?

If you are a woman over the age of 18 who is unhappy with cellulite on her buttocks and wants to be happier with how she looks in shorts and swimsuits, you may be a great candidate for Qwo. To find out if Qwo injections might be right for you, it’s best to speak with a cosmetic injection specialist.

For an outstanding Qwo experience, you need the expert injectors at Dontage! Contact us today at 703-436-1157 to find out if you’re a good candidate for Qwo, and say goodbye to cellulite this summer!