PRF vs. PRP: How to Choose

PRF vs. PRP: How to Choose for Remarkable Rejuvenation Results for Hair and Skin 

PRF vs. PRP: How to Choose for Remarkable Rejuvenation Results for Hair and Skin

Beautiful skin and hair is where beauty starts, but what if we told you that we could use your own healing factors in your blood to make your skin and hair even more beautiful?

With regenerative medicine including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections, we can encourage hair growth and revitalize your skin. You may be wondering, between PRF vs. PRP, how to choose?

When Wondering PRF vs. PRP, How to Choose, Here’s What You Should Know!

The procedure for both treatments is very similar. A blood sample is taken from the patient, and that sample is centrifuged to create a serum that is tailored to the individual. The serum is then injected back into the patient to address the skin or hair concerns.

The difference between the treatments is largely in the details of how the treatment is synthesized. Platelet-rich fibrin starts with a smaller blood sample, and then it is centrifuged at a lower speed than PRP. This means that the blood components are not completely separated and the process is more gentle.

This leads to more platelets being present in the concentration of PRF than PRP. PRF synthesis also does not use an anticoagulant, while PRP synthesis does use an anticoagulant.

You cannot go wrong when it comes to choosing between these two. PRF is a slightly more advanced form of PRP. They are both great, but the right one for you depends on your specific treatment goals.

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We have a number of treatments that use PRP or PRF, and we look forward to helping you choose the right one for you.

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