Is Botox Better Than Dysport?

Is Botox Better Than Dysport?

Is Botox Better Than Dysport to Rewind the Clock on Aging?

Botox is a popular treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. But, did you know it’s not the only option when it comes to in-office, non-surgical treatments to restore a more youthful look? Both Botox and Dysport reduce the visible signs of aging. Your cosmetic expert can help you choose, but here’s what to know about Botox and Dysport.

What Exactly Is Dysport?

Like Botox, Dysport is a botulinum injectable that relaxes the targeted muscles of the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The difference is in the protein used in Dysport. In some patients, Dysport may work better and faster.

So, Then What Is Botox?

Botox is a botulinum injectable and contains accessory proteins. It also signals the muscles to relax to reduce lines and wrinkles. Some patients prefer the potency of Botox for their treatments.

Okay, What’s the Real Deal – Is Botox Better Than Dysport to Target Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

The truth is that it really depends on you – your current look, your desired aesthetic, and how you want to accomplish your skincare goals. Both treatments are injected at the targeted areas in mere minutes. Most patients are able to resume their normal day right after treatment making it a popular lunch break fix. Botox costs slightly more than Dysport, but it also takes less syringes in many cases.

You’ll enjoy results quickly from either Botox or Dysport treatment. Typically, it takes about two days to see results from Dysport and about three from Botox. Expect the effects to last for several months before needing treatment to keep up the results.

Turn Back the Clock with Botox or Dysport!

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