How to Minimize Lip Filler Swelling in McLean Virginia

minimize lip filler swelling

Lip fillers, like all cosmetic injectables, are not without temporary side effects, and swelling is the most common. You might also notice minor bruising and experience some soreness after dermal filler injections for your lips or other areas. If you’re wondering how to minimize lip filler swelling in McLean, Virginia, and other effects for faster results, follow these pro tips!

What Are Expert Tips on How to Minimize Lip Filler Swelling in McLean, Virginia?

Fortunately, the steps you take to minimize swelling will also help ease other side effects. When you’re home, try the following:

  • Use ice. Either an ice pack or ice wrapped in a cloth that doesn’t stick to your lips is good for swelling, soreness, and bruising.
  • Eat healthily, and stay hydrated. Consume plenty of fruits and veggies after your lip filler treatment, and drink water and other beverages that promote hydration.
  • Sleep with your head elevated to help reduce blood flow and fluid retention. Avoid resting or sleeping on your face.
  • Skip the gym for at least 48 hours. This actually applies to all strenuous physical activity. Overdoing it increases blood flow and can aggravate swelling and bruising.
  • Try arnica. This is a natural herb that many patients find helpful for minimizing lip filler side effects. Try taking it a couple of days before your appointment and several days after your injections.

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