How Many Fillers Do I Need?

How Many Fillers Do I Need?

How Many Fillers Do I Need to Rejuvenate Areas of My Face for a Youthful Glow?

Looking for a way to fight the signs of aging? Dermal fillers could be a perfect solution. Fillers can give you a nuanced and natural look, free of wrinkles and sagging skin.

We’re answering one of the most common questions we hear – “How many fillers do I need?” But first, let’s review why quantity matters.

Why Does Quantity Matter?

Fillers are priced by syringe, so it’s hard to figure out the total cost for rejuvenation without a general idea of how much filler you’ll need for the different areas of your face.

One thing to keep in mind is that different types of fillers come in different-sized syringes. Most hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, like Juvéderm or Restylane for instance, come in 1mL syringes, whereas Radiesse, a calcium hydroxylapatite filler, often comes in 1.5mL vials. 

How Many Fillers Do I Need to Rejuvenate Areas of My Face?

Okay, here’s the scoop!

  • Lip filler and smile lines, also known as marionette lines, typically need between one to tow syringes, while the jawline can necessitate two to four syringes. 
  • If you’re looking at filler for your cheeks, a good starting point is between one to three syringes per side. 
  • Last but not least, frown lines usually require just one syringe, and the area around your temples most commonly requires one to two syringes per side. 

Of course, these are approximations. The exact number of syringes of Radiesse , Restylane, or other filler you choose needed to hit your goals will vary based on your unique situation.

How Can I Get the Best Results from Dermal Fillers?

Now that we’ve answered, “How many fillers do I need,” let’s talk results. The key to a successful dermal filler treatment is to choose a great injector. The right injector will have a solid mix of experience and an artistic eye.

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