How Long Should Under-Eye Filler Last Post Pregnancy?

How Long Should Under-Eye Filler Last Post Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, or you’re in that post-pregnancy period, you might be experiencing some insecurities you wish to address such as dark circles.

Is under-eye / tear trough filler safe? How long should under-eye filler last post pregnancy? Keep reading to learn more!

Is It Safe to Receive Filler After Pregnancy?

Although dermal fillers are perfectly safe, they’re not advised during pregnancy or when you’re actively breastfeeding. Your fluctuating hormones during this time can create issues with blood flow, swelling, and more. While it may not cause issues for your baby, it can cause issues for you.

Both pregnancy and the postpartum period cause changes to your skin as well, meaning that fillers and the results can be unpredictable. This, in conjunction with the lack of research on the safety of fillers for new mothers, is a reason to stay away.

It’s recommended to receive fillers once you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding and the postpartum phase has ended.

How Long Should Under-Eye Filler Last Post Pregnancy?

If your injector and doctor have both deemed that filler is safe for you, you might be wondering, “How long should under-eye filler last post pregnancy?”

The most commonly used and safest filler used in the tear trough area is Juvéderm Volbella XC, which lasts for up to a year. This amazing injectable addresses volume loss in your under-eye area, creating a hollow, sunken look that’s less than flattering and tends to age you.

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