Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Rolls Without Surgery Or Downtime (Cryoskin)

Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Rolls Without Surgery Or Downtime (Cryoskin)

Every New Year’s Eve, thousands of people around the country make a promise to themselves that they will lose the pounds and get fit. The problem is that most of these people make a promise they can’t keep. That can mean a whole lot of wasted gym memberships.

If you’re struggling to lose those few extra bits of stubborn cellulite, or you’re sick of trying to burn off your love handles with the latest fad diet, the good news is that here at Dontage clinic, we can help you. You might have done all the hard yards and lost a lot of weight, but those few stubborn bits remain, seemingly unmoveable. My name is Dr Waseem Garbia and I can help you shed those last few pounds so you can look your best on any occasion.

How far can a diet go?

Did you know that as of 2010, over half of all adults around the country said they were on a diet? Indeed, it would seem that our culture is obsessed with external appearances and dieting. The problem is that all the diets in the world won’t necessarily help you shift all those pounds. Sometimes, there are pockets of fat around the body that stubbornly refuse to go anywhere.

If you’re a woman, the pressure to conform to an ideal body shape is pretty strong indeed. This can certainly be destructive. However, the best way to approach any weight loss is to set realistic goals and develop good habits and healthy eating routines.

What about cellulite?

Often called “cottage cheese,” cellulite is a perfectly natural occurence of fat cells. It usually occurs on the thighs and buttocks and looks like dimply skin. Most women would be familiar with it because it’s estimated that it affects close to 90% of women around the country at some point in their lives.

The problem is that it can seriously affect the way a woman views herself, and even the strongest of women often feel the pressure to look good. This feeds right into feeling good and a sense of self-confidence. In short, when we’re not confident about the way we look, we’re not confident in other areas of our lives, including our careers and relationships.

But let’s not forget men. Despite the fact that a lot of pressure is placed on women culturally to look slim and slender, a growing number of men are also feeling pressure. The result is that body image problems are common enough among both men and women, so fad diets have become the norm rather than the exception.

How to shed those last pounds

You may have worked very hard to lose weight and get fit. You may even have found a new lease on life. The problem is that some areas of fat and cellulite are difficult to eliminate, even with the strictest of diets and exercise routines. This can certainly lead to feelings of anxiety, which is the last thing you want to experience when you’ve worked so hard on transforming your body and your life.

If you really want to eliminate those last few vestiges of fat or cellulite quickly, some body contouring sessions might just help you. Here ay Dontage, we specialize in Cryoskin toning. It’s a technique that can be used on the thighs, stomach, back, arms, face, and hips quite successfully. Here’s how it works:

  • Alternating heat and cold is applied to the areas of the body where cellulite and fat rolls are stubbornly clinging
  • The application of extreme temperatures destroys the fat cells that are present so they simply drain away
  • Temperature changes also stimulate the growth of new collagen, which firms and tones the skin

Many people see results even after a single short session. The great news is that it’s painless. If you’re sick and tired of your cellulite and fat rolls, I recommend that you call us here at Dontage so we can talk about your needs. Simply use our convenient online booking system.