Do Lip Fillers Last for a Year or More?

Lip Fillers

Many men and women report feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of their lips. Lip filler is here to save the day!

But, how long does it last? Do lip fillers last for a year or more? Keep reading to learn more!

What Are the Benefits of Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers hold a myriad of benefits for seasoned users and anyone wishing to experiment. Dermal filler for lips:

  • Corrects asymmetry
  • Is easily customized to honor your needs and flatter your facial features
  • Is reversible when made with hyaluronic acid
  • Improves confidence and appearance
  • Has minimal risks and side effects
  • Restores lost volume / adds volume you never had
  • Smooths lip lines and wrinkles

Do Lip Fillers Last for a Year or More? What Determines Longevity?

How long do lip injections last? Do lip fillers last for a year or more, and what determines their lifespan? It’s understandable that, when you receive lip filler, you want to get the most out of your experience and time with them.

On average, lip fillers last anywhere from six to 12 months, but many of them have had a lifespan of more than two years. This depends on the product used and how quickly your body metabolizes it. With maintenance treatments, you can expect lifespan to mirror these numbers:

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