Can I Drink Wine After Botox

Can I Drink Wine After Botox

Can I Drink Wine After Botox, or Should I Wait After Cosmetic Injections?

If you’re looking to reduce lines and wrinkles, Botox can be your saving grace. One of the most common Botox related questions is “Can I drink wine after Botox?” After all, who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine? But, should you think twice about popping open that bottle?

Is it Okay to Drink Before Botox?

It’s widely known that drinking causes blood to thin and blood vessels to enlarge. Thinner blood and larger vessels can lead to unpredictable Botox results. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to keep the wine key locked up, drinking before getting your injections can increase the risks of swelling and bruising.

This happens because your body retains more fluid you’ve been drinking. At a minimum, you should stop any alcohol consumption for two days, but ideally, you’ll want to keep those wine glasses clean for three days before treatment.

Can I Drink Wine After Botox?

If you’re partaking a little too soon after your Botox injections, bruising and swelling can continue to be a very uncomfortable and unattractive effect. Drinking can also seriously dehydrate you and your skin. At best, dry skin can minimize how long Botox lasts. At worst, it can completely jeopardize your results.

It’s best to wait at the very least a day or two before drinking. So, the answer to “Can I drink wine after Botox?” isn’t a yes. You’ll be wine-free for about five days. But – those five days will give you startling results for three to six months!

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