“Waseem Garbia, PA, is the most skilled, talented professional I have ever been to for my skincare, anti-aging, and facial contouring needs. He is truly a skin therapist and works wonders with his artful application of Botox, fillers, and skin treatments like Pixel RF. Over the past decade, I have spent thousands of dollars on various facial improvements to help reduce wrinkles, skin laxity and general skin tone. But none of those efforts improved my image in tangible ways until I was lucky enough to become Waseem's client. Waseem has been able to achieve the results I have dreamed of in less than one year with his masterful abilities! On a regular basis, I am stopped by colleagues and friends asking for my secret to reversing the aging process and the answer is simply Waseem. He is a perfectionist in the best way possible and he is the only person I will ever trust with my face. I cannot possibly recommend his services with enough accolades to do his work justice, but you owe it to yourself to let Waseem make you the best version of yourself possible."